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Addressing the Theological and Spiritual Issues of the Broad Messianic Movement

Jewish Evangelism

Messianic Apologetics editor John McKee reviews whether or not there is a difference between the Messianic Jewish movement (mainly focused on Jewish outreach and evangelism)—versus the various non-Jewish Torah movements (Hebrew Roots, Two-House, One Law/One Torah, Pronomian Christianity). How can people, particularly online, navigate through these differences? What actually makes the Messianic movement stand out, and on a more Biblical trajectory?

J.K. McKee of Messianic Apologetics goes through the six study questions for Unit Four in The Messianic Walk workbook:

1. How have you been involved in declaring the good news to your friends and neighbors? Why do you think that Jewish evangelism might be somewhat different than reaching other people groups?

2. Why are some of the standard religious terms, used by contemporary Christianity, rather offensive to Jewish people? Have you ever consciously considered how other people might be turned off to the good news, by a word or term that you have used?

3. What are some of the significant ways that you can reach out to your Jewish friends and neighbors with the good news of Messiah? How much do you understand the Jewish struggle in history? How much do you need to improve your understanding of the Jewish experience?

4. In your own words, summarize the importance of Jewish outreach and evangelism. How important is this to your local assembly? How important is it to you, personally?

5. Are you aware of the various non-Jewish movements, associated with the term “Messianic” in some way? Have you ever encountered them? If so, describe your experience.

6. What do you think might be the major problem involved with the various non-Jewish movements associating as “Messianic” or “Hebrew Roots”? Do you think they are facilitating the legitimate purposes of the Messianic mission? Why or why not?

J.K. McKee of Messianic Apologetics responds to three categories of questions: Tanach (OT), Apostolic Scriptures (NT), and theology/Biblical Studies.

1. Is it true that Torah allows sojourners to eat animals that died of natural causes?

2. Yeshua is described as “firstborn.” Wouldn’t that mean that Yeshua was created?

3. Will my Torah observance as a non-Jew, provoke Jewish non-Believers to jealousy for Messiah faith?

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