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What Contribution Are You Making to Jewish Evangelism?

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The modern Messianic movement got started as an outreach of Jewish Believers, to see the Jewish people come to saving faith in Israel’s Messiah. To be sure, there are other things which have taken place since, such as non-Jewish Believers entering in and more tangibly embracing their Jewish Roots. There are theological and spiritual issues, which the original leaders could not have anticipated being discussed. We pray that God raises up the right people to perform the diversity of tasks before us. The original mission of seeing Jewish people come to faith in Israel’s Messiah still has not gone away. And, if you are a part of today’s Messianic movement, you have to ask yourself, “What contribution am I making to Jewish evangelism?”

What Contribution Are You Making to Jewish Evangelism? – Articles



Messianic Beginnings: An Introductory Study

Messianic Beginnings: An Introductory Study has been written as a primer, following the journey of the Huey and McKee family, as evangelical Believers drawn into the Messianic movement in 1995, and learning what it meant to have a more comprehensive understanding of the ancient roots of our Biblical faith. This workbook has been mainly produced to help non-Jewish Believers have a good overview of what the Messianic movement is all about, based on our family’s experience. Since the turn of the Millennium, the Holy Spirit has prompted many more non-Jewish Believers to tangibly embrace their Hebraic Roots in the Tanach (Old Testament) Scriptures, and Jewish Roots in the faith practices of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and His Disciples, specially calling them into the Messianic movement. They have joined in both unity and common cause with their fellow Jewish Believers in Israel’s Messiah, as we all steadily approach Yeshua’s return!

Have you heard about the Messianic movement? Have you heard about the significance of the Torah for a Believer’s walk of faith? Do you know why you might be involved with these things? Do you need a foundational introduction to the Hebraic and Jewish Roots of our faith, and who Yeshua truly is in His Biblical and historical context? Do you want to know more about what God is doing in this hour? If you have ever asked any of these questions, then this workbook can help get you started.

This volume examines a number of areas for study and discussion, and will prompt questions for personal reflection or group exchanges in twelve easy lessons. Each chapter has study questions which will enable you to think and examine the Scriptures, and key issues as they involve components of the Messianic lifestyle and theology, often different from contemporary evangelical Protestantism. If you are unfamiliar with the Messianic movement, some of its basic beliefs and lifestyle practices, and the great potential it offers God’s people today—then Messianic Beginnings is the book for you! This is a resource that can definitely get many you started on a journey into the Messianic walk.

available in both paperback ($14.99) and eBook for Amazon Kindle ($9.99)

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