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Messianic Apologetics editor John McKee reviews some of his own personal encounters with remembering Passover, not just over the past twenty-seven years of being a part of the Messianic community, but even in previous evangelical experiences. What are some of the unique opportunities present in the Passover season, and lessons to be (re)learned about the Exodus and the work of Yeshua? What are some of the tensions and controversies, which can and do arise?

Are we about to see a resurgence of the influence of the Wesleyan theological tradition, because of the recent Asbury Revival? Messianic Apologetics editor John McKee, and his mother, Outreach Israel Ministries business manager Margaret McKee Huey, discuss some of their family’s Methodist heritage and experiences. Also considered is the positive influence the Wesleyan tradition can have on the current development of the Messianic movement.

Messianic Apologetics editor John McKee discusses some of the major reasons why non-Jewish Believers tend to be drawn into things of Torah. Does it involve sincere conviction from reading the Word? Does it involve legalism and self-righteousness? Does it involve being sensationalized by something?
How can these people become co-laborers with Jewish Believers in the salvation of Israel?

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