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First Epistle of Peter – PME Apostolic Scriptures

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First Epistle of Peter

First Epistle of Peter – PME Apostolic Scriptures



The Apostolic Scriptures Practical Messianic Edition

Today’s broad Messianic community has some significant struggles with the Apostolic Scriptures or New Testament. This has been one of the major reasons for Messianic Apologetics releasing various volumes in our for the Practical Messianic commentary series.

An important part of our complete book commentary series has been to provide an Author’s Rendering appendix, based on the public domain 1901 American Standard Version, incorporating various renderings and translations proposed. The Apostolic Scriptures Practical Messianic Edition takes this a step further, and incorporates various other renderings and translations proposed, from an entire selection of Outreach Israel Ministries and Messianic Apologetics materials.

There have been a number of useful and beneficial Messianic editions of the Bible produced, notably including the Complete Jewish Bible and Tree of Life Version, both intended for congregational reading and private study. The Apostolic Scriptures Practical Messianic Edition is a little different in that it is rooted within the research and conclusions defended in the Messianic Apologetics Practical Messianic commentary series, and other titles, such as The New Testament Validates Torah and various volumes of the Messianic Helper series. Unlike Messianic editions of the Apostolic Scriptures which might not explain the specifics of various controversial renderings, translation notes have been provided. There are renderings present in the PME which you are not likely to see in any other Messianic version, although they are taken from various proposals made in contemporary Biblical Studies.

The Apostolic Scriptures Practical Messianic Edition or PME should prove to be a welcome volume within the Messianic Apologetics library of for the Practical Messianic commentaries. The PME will give readers a specialty edition of the New Testament which they should appreciate in their Bible reading and personal reflections.

526 pages

available in both paperback ($25.99) and eBook for Amazon Kindle ($9.99)

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