Messianic Apologetics

Addressing the Theological and Spiritual Issues of the Broad Messianic Movement

J.K. McKee of Messianic Apologetics responds to three categories of questions: Tanach (OT), Apostolic Scriptures (NT), and theology/Biblical Studies.

1. What do I need to know about the traditional Jewish book and verse order of the Tanach (OT)?

2. Is it true that there is variance regarding the book order of the Apostolic Scriptures?

3. What role do you think the Apocrypha should play in our theology?

Issues involving men and women in the Body of Messiah, are not too frequently discussed in today’s Messianic movement, unless they are from a relatively strict complementation viewpoint. John McKee of Messianic Apologetics, in reviewing common complementarian perspectives, goes to great lengths explaining the theological reasons of why he moved toward an egalitarian position—where husbands and wives are to be co-leaders of the home, and where both males and females are integrated into the leadership structure of the assembly.

When many sincere Believers contemplate the return of the Messiah, there is a tendency for a variety of terms to be thrown around: the Second Coming, the rapture, the parousia, His arrival, the coming epiphany. Some of these terms are used more frequently than others. Some of these labels are taken or derived directly from Holy Scripture, and others of them, while not being unbiblical at all, have undoubtedly taken on a life of their own in contemporary religious culture. How do we each sort through the different labels associated with the Messiah’s return, and carefully be able to discern where various people may be coming from in their presuppositions and ideas surrounding it?

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