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Is God a Misogynist?: Understanding the Bible’s Difficult Passages Concerning Women – Book Reviews

a very reasonable approach, to a very controversial topic

a very reasonable approach, to a very controversial topic

We live in a day and age when accusations are being made by many women, that the Bible is responsible for abuse against them, and in keeping down their gifts and talents. Many of us in our spiritual and religious experiences have encountered male pastors, teachers, and other leaders, who have used their interpretation of the Scriptures to abuse women and treat them as inferior. Too many, rather than reevaluating some traditional views of passages and issues in the Bible, which have been used to demean women, have decided instead that the Bible is the problem.

Thankfully, David Wilber has decided that the Bible is not the problem; instead the problem is with common interpretations and applications of the Bible, which need to be reconsidered. I am highly appreciative of how he approaches the issues of the creation of man and woman in God’s image, Ancient Near Eastern background involving instructions given to Ancient Israel, and the honor and respect shown by Yeshua the Messiah to His female disciples. The difficult issues encountered in the Pauline materials are also addressed.

Is God a Misogynist? is not an arduous read. It is a necessary starting place for many people in the broad Messianic and/or Hebrew/Hebraic Roots world, to consider whether or not God considers females to be the inferiors of males. Wilber is to lauded for affirming that males and females are equal, are to be given the same respect and honor, and are to co-lead together.

I wish Wilber the best, and that this book can be used for positive change among the people within our faith community!

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